Christmas is a time for traditions and the classic wine choice for the big day is white burgundy. The white wines from this renowned region are of course made from the chardonnay grape, but forget any preconception you may have about heavily oaked, full flavoured, over bold and perhaps overpowering wines: here the combination of climate, terroir, grape and wine-making skills produces white wines of subtle, beguiling elegance.

For many people, the wine for Christmas day is Chablis, a chardonnay from the northern reaches of Burgundy, approximately 100 miles south of Paris. Within Burgundy, the range of flavours is astonishing;: a Meursault, for example, takes very different to a Chablis. Lovers of wines from Chablis appreciate its lean, steely minerality and its subtle, delicate white fruit flavours, its clean, dry finish, its gorgeous brightness in the glass.




It works its charms beautifully on Christmas day, cutting against the oiliness of a smoked salmon starter as it flows into the main course of turkey, where it is happy to sit and complement the flavours of the white meat with its refreshing, zingy sharpness, never threatening to usurp the food flavours but offering enchanting support. It is remarkably easy to drink and appreciate, which perhaps helps explain its enduring appeal.

For those of you thinking of a good wine to give someone, look no futher! Here at Vintners we focus on a couple of great examples of Chablis (see below), but we include this super wine in many of our gifts too.



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