Rosé wine

There’s exciting news coming from Treviso in Italy: board members are proposing new rules around the grapes used in the wine that would make prosecco rosé possible. Sign us up!

And it’s not just about the fizz; it seems that rosé is taking off on all fronts. Taco Bell in the US have introduced an ice rosé drink. Rosé cocktail recipes are through the roof. Last year, the UK  drank around 111-million bottles of rosé and this year’s scorching May bank holiday saw a spike in sales. It’s not just a drink for summer anymore; even wine experts were surprised at the demand for the drink throughout the recent winter.

Of course, it’s not all rosy in the wine world. This increased demand - together with a poor 2017 harvest in the Provenance - means that major wine sellers are expecting a shortage of rosé, particularly from France. Don’t worry though - we’ve got a stash of our favourites so your barbecue won’t have to go without!

Check out our range of rosé wines from all over the world (and we’ve even got some sparkling varieties to tide you over until prosecco goes pink).